Yell 12 V McEwans 26

Yell wins the first centre pass. The game starts with fighting spirit from both teams and Yell GS Martha Colclough scores first and then McEwan’s C Nicole Polson & GA Jenny Jamieson linking up well with strong passes and score their first goal quickly afterwards. Yell’s defence work well together, making it hard for the McEwan’s shooters to move in the circle but soon McEwan’s attackers moved around the circle opening up spaces for the shooters to take the lead with their strong tight passing throughout the end quarter. Yell works hard in the last few minutes of the game but with good interceptions from McEwan’s C Nicola Polson, the first quarter ends 6 – 3 to McEwan’s.

McEwan’s entered the 2nd quarter with no changes made to the team, Yell made a few changes. McEwan’s scored first; any loose balls were quickly picked up with good passing from WA Kaylee Irvine to the shooters which increased the lead quickly. Yell shooters GA Stephanie Keith & GS Martha Colclough worked well together in the circle but GD Ruth Simpson managed to get the rebounds and allowed McEwan’s to gain possession and continued to take the lead. Yell’s WA Denise MacBeath, C Jasmine Lawson, GA Stephanie Keith & GS Martha Colclough linked up really well at the last few minutes of the quarter scoring their 2 points but McEwan’s dominated the game and the quarter ended 14 – 5.

Yell makes a few changes to the team and are keen to get going again, McEwan GA Jenny Jamieson moves well in the circle to keep possession of the ball and scores the first goal in the 3rd quarter. Yell continues to work hard in defence GD Malin Leslie & GK Kerry Nicholson working really well together to intercept balls and gaining control of the game which linked well with Yell’s WA Isla Smith moving in the centre court to pass on to C Jasmine Lawson to reach the Yell shooters to score valuable points in the game, McEwan’s WA Kaylee Irvine and C Nicola Polson work hard in the centre court to gain possession of any loose balls to maintain a lead of 19 – 8

Last quarter everybody is working hard, staying focused and enjoying the game, McEwan’s GS Jenny Jamieson & GA Diane Thomson work really well together and score first but Yell fights back with a goal. During the last quarter there was a lot of interceptions from both teams; McEwan’s WD Catherine Irvine defended well and gain possession in the mid court with an impressive interception but Yell never gave up and kept going with a great interception from GD Malin Leslie but in the end the score was 26 – 12 to McEwan’s. Player of the match for Yell was GK Kerry Nicholson & McEwan’s GD Ruth Simpson.