Yell 19 V 37 McEwans

It was a quick first two centre passes with strong passing in the Yell shooting circle with Jasmine Lawson and Martha Colclough working well together. There were some good interceptions from Kerry Nicolson, but with McEwans quick passes between their Mari Polson (GS) and Kirsty Porter (GA) they made it hard for the Yell defence. 

Da McEwans started the second quarter strong. The Yell defence were trying their hardest but with continued accurate shooting Da McEwans took the lead. Yell took first centre in the third quarter. Da McEwans continued to put on the pressure, especially Faye Anderson (GK) chasing down any lose balls and getting interceptions.  

McEwans continued to dominate play but the Yell shooting end of Lawson and Colclough fought hard when they had the opportunity. McEwans Jenny Jamieson (C) and Kayleigh Irvine (WA) worked well together moving the ball up the court to Mari Polson (GS). The game finished 37-19 to Da McEwans. Players of the Match were Jenny Jamieson from McEwans and Amber Inkster from Yell.